8BIDOU 8Bidou is a platform for pixel art that is stored immutably on the blockchain as 8x8 pixel data. This generative art series was created with an algorithm that computed the arrangement of pixels, but also randomly chose the tokens' name, the number of editions and the price they were sold for.
Printed examples
If anyone wants some @zancan alpha…

Currently Garden Monoliths sits at a 21,000 tez floor. ($33k) #zancan has also released 8 bit inspired Garden Monoliths on link

These pieces can still be bought for less than 100 tez!

Here is mine! #tezos September 8, 2022
marygeorgie (💙,🧡)@marygeorgie1
I finally purchased a (8x8) garden monolith by @zancan!😉 Thank you for this cool drop on @8bidou, I love the pixel gardens! 🤩✨link March 28, 2022
Omega-Alpha 🌿🐥🪱@r_scott_s
Once I had learned that these @8bidou works were pre-collab pieces for the (kinder)Garden, Monuments from @Yazid and @zancan I couldn't rest until I had one of each.

Here is to a restful weekend 🌿🏙️ September 23, 2022
garden, M0n0l1th #541 by @zancan on @8bidou September 21, 2022
Generative Pen@GenerativePen
Well, I tried collecting @zancan's 1/1, 2/2 and 4/4s on #8bidou but no luck. Nevertheless, I managed to pick a 32/32, so not bad at all🌿 March 27, 2022
@8bidou ‘s are nice and all that but what do you do with them once collected?? My wife & I slightly disagree on whether spending the entire day making this display 8 bit “hits” was worth it but the @zancan pixels look so goooood! 🤩⬜️🟩⬛️🟥 #CleanNFT April 6, 2022
Danielle King@Rrose_Selavy_11
Love these @saintsonso!

A few pixel art gems from my collection (all minted on @8bidou):

"Garden, Mon0li7h #827" by @zancan
"Hydrangea 1" by @teaboswell
"Excitement Is All We Crave" by @lisaorthstudio
"tiny-smolskull #5" by @mknol link October 3, 2023
Added '9arden, M0n0l1th #973' by @zancan to the collection@8bidou art waking up again

zancan breaking records on #tezos

some steals available

seemed logical

tnx @jeffftezos for pointing it out August 16, 2022
Stoked to get My First On chain NFT by @zancan
💚💚💚💚 from @8bidou #CleanNFT #8Bidou #OnChainNFT#Zancan link September 16, 2022
Alex Benedith@allexbenedith
Got my first @zancan in @8bidou 🥳🥳🥳🥳

What a war! March 27, 2022
Brad Connell@fauxjebus
Since it appears to be @zancan szn, here are the two pieces I have by the master. I’m glad he has some work available for cheapskates like me.😁💚
Lushtemples - Heart Shaped from @objktcom and 9arden, Monol8 #392 from @8bidou August 16, 2022
on-chain gralis that I picked up from @8bidou these past days:

Garden, Mon0li7h #827 by @zancan
Mini Loom 2 by @annaluciacodes
JPEG by @hrtkassh
SMOLKEK by @BasqKek

god I need to stop…#pixelart September 26, 2022
Grail Collected by the One & Only @zancan // on @8bidou

Garden, Mon0li7h #827 // 🖤🖤link #zancan #8bidou September 21, 2022
Frederik De Fruyt@FrederikDeFruyt
Was lucky (after 2 failed transactions) to add "9arden, Mon0l1th #96" from @zancan to my collection.

This morning already added "g4rden, Mon0lith5 #325" @zancan first work on @8bidou to my collection! March 29, 2022
Danielle King@Rrose_Selavy_11
Grabbing this tiny @zancan grail right when he minted it on @8bidou was one of the biggest thrills of my nft life so far! 💚 September 24, 2022
Pierro (Peopleof.tez)@Pierreo01
Purchased this 64 edition @zancan on @8bidou . 8bidou tokens will soon appear on link . 👀 not many 64 edition zancan's around for 111 tez. September 18, 2022
Just picked up my first pieces on @8bidou - a collab between two of my favourite artists @Yazid and @zancan! Very excited at the prospect of an #fxcollab 👀 — meta_charsiu 🧙‍♂️ (@meta_charsiu) April 1, 2022

My triptych of @zancan X @8bidou is done.
This is one of the most iconic mint, generative pixel art inspired by Garden Monoliths, even the title is generative.
Need to frame them now !#tezos December 19, 2022