A Bugged Forest This long-form generative project on the fx(hash) platform took advantage of a programming bug to embrace the creative outcome one can find by releasing control. The 1000 trees proudly exist each with their unique character and their flaws. The project was released from the deep of the metal festival Hellfest, a hot, earthbound, hostile to some, friendly to others location, which adds a deeper meaning to the idea of embracing the uniqueness of the individuals ( even the freaks), of releasing control through art, or that of collective suffering in the face of climate change.

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The Bugged Tree This work was the one that appeared by chance following a bug in a tree algorithm. It is the precursor of the long-form "A Bugged Forest" generative collection, true to the saying "The tree that hides the forest"
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🖼️ A Bugged Forest #240

‍🎨 Generative Art by zancan
💰 Sold for 2500.0 $XTZ ($1,771.00 USD) on the @fx_hash_ marketplace

🔗 link #fxhash #cleanNFT #generativeart August 20, 2023
Wise Sigma Toad 🐸🍉@WiseApe4
Happy to add "A Bugged Forest #640" by @zancan to my humble collection. It's gorgeous!!! June 17, 2022
A Bugged Forest #441 by @zancan 🌿 December 12, 2022
my mint from the "A Bugged Forest" collection. v happy to own my first @zancan 1/1. discovered zancan's work back in Dec. last year and have always admired his works like Garden, Monoliths. i was priced out because i joined fxhash late, so minting this is ever more special 🤩 June 18, 2022
Big shout out to @chriswallace for giving me the opportunity to add "A Bugged Forest" #1 by @zancan to the collection😍! Can't thank thank you enough🙏🏽 #Gentk #Tezos #fxhash June 20, 2022
Pierro (Peopleof.tez)@Pierreo01
Today I fulfilled a dream of owning 'A Bugged Forest' by @zancan

It looks lovely having the same white paper as my Charcoal Seeds. 😍😍

Going in the #PeopleofTezos art fund collection #Whitepaper, #generative August 18, 2023
sonso.eth (🐥,🪱)@saintsonso
gm // A Bugged Forest #967 by @zancan July 3, 2022
gn everyone, see you all here tomorrow

A Bugged Forest #904 by @zancan 🖤 July 21, 2022
Aleksandra Art@aart
Day 6: Art for the feed and the soul A Bugged Forest by @zancan 🌳 February 3, 2024
I'm shaking, I own a @zancan 1/1. A Bugged Forest #843. What a beauty. June 18, 2022
I sold a few grails today to make my way up to this zen like forest, 👇

Collected 🤝

A Bugged Forest #903 link @zancan @fx_hash_ July 3, 2023
Danielle King@Rrose_Selavy_11
gn 🖤

"A Bugged Forest #573" by @zancan October 26, 2022
Didi 🍋@lemonde2d
A Long Thread and A Bugged Forest #352 by @zancan October 8, 2022
Got my first 1/1 @zancan from "A Buggest Forest" drop yesterday on @fx_hash_. It's a pretty piece.#NFT #nftcommunity #nftcollector #CleanNFT #tezosnft #fxhash #tezosart #tezosartweek #tezos #objkt #objktnft #zancan #generativeart June 19, 2022
Zancan is a must own. I don’t have a GM yet but did lock up an ABF March 3, 2023
Lucas Reveil@reveil_s
I ran a lap this morning. It was blistering hot, not to say as hell, even under the trees, which all seemed bugged somehow. Thanks @zancan 🙏and enjoy the festival. June 18, 2022
hello 🍃 to A Bugged Forest #133 by @zancan — T E N D E R ❤️ (@tender_art) July 30, 2023