fx(hash) "Charcoal Seeds" Series of 500 unique artworks on the Tezos blockchain, that used the principle of co-creation. By allowing collectors to set up a number of parameters before minting their piece, the algorithm produced images that aligned with their collectors' preferences and appreciation and to some extend, their creativity.

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Charcoal Seeds is the long-form counterpart of the exhibition held at ArtMatr headquarters in Brooklyn in April 2023. Ten curated variations of the same script where "hand-painted" by robots on canvases using custom-made tools such as a charcoal powder dispenser, brushes with ink and acrylic paint.

Printed examples
Well after playing with params for quite sometime, I finally minted my Charcoal Seeds by @zancan on @fx_hash_ . I'm pretty excited about it - thank you Zancan for creating such a cool collab process πŸ™ What do you guys think?? Charcoal Seeds #463 May 6, 2023
Agape Eudaimonia@AgapeEudaimonia
Day 3 of #TENDERED

Charcoal Seeds #278 by @zancan

it needed the🐐of nature NFTs to make me appreciate the color pink again - so let me show you my favorite fxparams mint in my collection πŸ’š February 4, 2024
Charcoal Seeds #84 by @zancan #tezosArts #tezos April 15, 2023
Over the last year of the bear market, I have been building my NFT collection slowly and steadily its becoming more than I could ever had expected. This week I added 'Charcoal Seeds 246' & 'A Bugged Forest 449' the first two unique @zancan pieces to my collection! January 26, 2024
Pierro (Peopleof.tez)@Pierreo01
Today I minted my Tezos gralis using the new fx(params). @zancan congratulations on the stunning collection 'Charcoal Seeds'. How do these keep getting better and better πŸ™πŸ’š @fx_hash_https://t.co/lk9hFyCQLilink April 15, 2023
Rich Poole@rich__poole
gm from Charcoal Seeds #204 by @zancan (and a bit of help from me) April 15, 2023
Hello sunny sunday,

Thank you @zancan for bringing such light to our eyes and hearts 🌞🌿

Charcoal Seeds #275#genart #fxhash #zancan June 18, 2023
Gm 🧘

These two portraits of charcoal seeds by @zancan ( πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» )

Made with code 🀌

Platform - @fx_hash_ πŸ–€ January 29, 2024
Ozzie | artlinguistics@ozziecode
"Charcoal Seeds" #319

created by @zancan 🌿

params by @zancan 🌿

minted by @zancan 🌿

owned by yours truly 🐈 April 18, 2023
Charcoal Seeds #147, @zancan, Apr 2023. Owned & minted by Volatile Moods. #TENDERED 1/14 February 4, 2024
"Charcoal Seeds #444" by @zancan April 26, 2023
good day!
Charcoal Seeds 267 @zancan March 30, 2024
zancan 🌿@zancan
Today from the print shop, freshly acquired G,M#62 & Charcoal Seeds #45 for @adhorowi who happens to be a great musician and huge Tezos collector πŸ™Œ and a large G,M #15 for Dimitri of @softcitycrew ! Shipping tomorrow !🌿🌿 July 6, 2023
Wim 😎@Wim_HODL
Gm πŸŒžβ˜•οΈ From France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ·

Charcoal seeds by @zancan 🀌 February 10, 2024
Charcoal Seeds #181 by @zancan 🌿 February 10, 2024
Charcoal Seeds #386 by me + @zancan + @jdisimone_’s eyes + reams of amazing conversations in the @tender_art discord. That was a fun one #tendered #fxhash April 22, 2023
Charcoal Seeds #394 by @zancan I love how this came out with the bright sunrise contrasting with the black paper. April 23, 2024
After many tries and indecisions, i finally decided to mint my Charcoal seeds and i was lucky enough to get this beautiful pink paper. Charcoal seeds #305 by @zancan πŸ€ŒπŸ€ŒπŸ’š #genart #nature #tezos #fxhash April 18, 2023
I minted Charcoal Seeds #395 πŸŒΏπŸ’š
by @zancan
on @fx_hash_ April 23, 2023
Charcoal Seeds #320 by @zancan
acquired on 2dary

Thank you Jinx for accepting my offer and for co-creating this fabulous piece using Michael's magic. May 21, 2023