Decal by Zancan An interpretation of the Decal by Zancan. A symbol of permissionless creativity. Series Thirty.

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Decal by Zancan #74@zancan @0xDecaArt January 21, 2024
Decal 23 by @zancan January 30, 2024
Decal by Zancan #52

I just minted. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Today turned out to be a truly unforgettable day!@zancan @0xDecaArt January 19, 2024
Ida Belle πŸ’ŽπŸŽ©πŸ«‚@ida
Decal by Zancan #70 I was incredibly lucky to be on the white list to mint a decal by one of my favorite gen artists @zancan. 🌿 June 9, 2024
Duane Ang@duane_music
Sketching holds eternal might, lines are the source where power takes flight. @zancan January 22, 2024
Thank you @zancan and @0xDecaArt for Decal #3. Absolute beauty! Can't wait to get this plotted. January 19, 2024
Decal by @zancan πŸ€ #86

I was in wait list and thought it was impossible to mint.

Thanks, @0xDecaArt, Zancan! This is beautiful.#generativeart #tezos January 20, 2024
aramunu.eth (.tez)@aramunu
gm from Decal #10 @zancan x @0xDecaArt January 19, 2024
hilbert space@hilbert__space
Decal #98 by @zancan, owned by @TheeIronBlue (not jealous at all!) January 20, 2024
Thank you @zancan & @0xDecaArt πŸ™πŸ–€ January 20, 2024
I wish you were on the livestream: we pulled this up live and @zancan said he was inspired by this variant of yours to come up with these variants of his! January 19, 2024
Timm Bloem@timmbloem
🌿 #38
Thank you, @zancan @0xDecaArt. January 19, 2024
Decal #5 by @zancan
The Garden welcomes its newest visitor...Violette! January 19, 2024
Decal by Zancan #2 has been minted and will be sent to the Deca Eternal Collection of Art

See the rest of the collection in the link below

Livestream with @zancan beginning in 10 mins🌿 when the minting for the Allowlist begins β€” Deca πŸŸ₯ 🟩 ⬛ πŸŸͺ (@0xDecaArt) January 19, 2024

Pronoia 🫑@Pronoia10
Love my @zancan decal on @0xDecaArt

First one on @tezos! January 19, 2024
#17 classified as a "No Garden"? January 19, 2024
Tropyk 🌴@tr0pyk
Super grateful and happy with my @zancan mint, favorite color (blue)! 🟩🟦

Congratulations to @0xDecaArt for integrating @tezos ! January 19, 2024
L.A.U. - gralis.tez/eth@moontanteth
Decal #23 by @zancan @0xDecaArt link January 19, 2024
gm πŸ€

I minted Decal by Zancan #6 😊

Thanks @0xDecaArt and @zancan for this an amazing generative art. πŸŒ»πŸ™

Generative art is the collaboration between human imagination and the infinite possibilities of code, giving rise to a digital canvas of endless creativity.#genart January 19, 2024