Ignis Et Sanguis
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You're welcome. In the past week I've collected the Friday Lushtemples NYC — and now the "Ignis Et Sanguis" print. What a week. Thank you!September 17, 2022
zancan 🌿@zancan
Before heading to NY last week we made a large print of my next work "Ignis Et Sanguis" and chopped it in small pieces. On the first night we gave the opportunity to a small team of artists/collectors to play jigsaw puzzles and get a glimpse of it 🌿 :)
1/3🧵 link September 16, 2022
Djony Zhivago@DjonyZhivago
Ignis Et Sanguis by @zancan 🌿💚

Fire and blood may not be what comes to mind when observing nature. Yet it is here, looking closer, a battlefield. Thirsty, parched, bruised.link #generativeart #tezos #NFT #lushtemples @objktcom February 16, 2023
gm☕️ Very happy to finally frame "Ignis Et Sanguis" signed & numbered print 17/54 by @zancan also big thanks to @verticalcrypto #generativeart December 21, 2022
Only a few days left to collect "Ignis Et Sanguis" by @zancan, a limited physical print edition.

Released on the occasion of IN TOUCH - Art in the Age of Post-NFTism.

Collect 👉 link September 19, 2022
Thank you @zancan I love the print !!

"Ignis Et Sanguis"
35/54 — coughdrop🧙‍♂️ (@CoughdropPeter) November 3, 2022

"Ignis Et Sanguis" limited edition print by @zancan framed and hanged. November 8, 2022

Art looks good in a wallet browser but damn if it doesn’t look incredible on a wall. This @zancan print is a solid case in point.

9/365. 2023. let’s keep appreciating — flame🔮🧙🏻‍♂️🍕 (@humanonfire) January 9, 2023

zancan 🌿@zancan
Titling, numbering and signing, repeat 54x ✏️😵
Then fold and pack and prepare international shipping paperwork and print labels and tape. Thanks for the help @benoit_cary !
👇 October 28, 2022