Ignis Et Sanguis
Fire and blood may not be what comes to mind when observing nature. Yet it is here, looking closer, a battlefield. Thirsty, parched, bruised. Be it chlorophyll or hemoglobin, the living proudly proceeds from resilience, whilst offering, at the last breath, the impertinence of its beauty.

"Ignis and Sanguis" is part of the "Lushtemples" series which attempts to capture the graphic complexity of nature using mathematical formulas and programming code exclusively. These algorithms, which offer a more figurative approach to generative art, work on the tensions between order and chaos, figuration and abstraction, decoration and symbolism, in a context where human civilizations are faced with the challenge of their impact on the living world.

— Generative Art
— Made with Javascript code
— PNG file in 9230 × 5200 resolution ( 16/9 format )
— Released during IN TOUCH / Berlin / Verticalcryptoart
— 40% of primary sales given to #tezos4africa
Editions :5

Printed editions
Prints and plots