Ilusiones Arbóreas
Printed examples
Ethspresso 🚌🔵🎩@ethspresso.eth
The lush greens meets sweltering heat in this powerful piece by Zancan 🔥 These sun rays are masterfully done. The Heat by @zancan #TENDERED March 24, 2024
Marcelo Terça-Nada!@marcelonada
The Heat / Ilusiones Arbóreas by @zancan

My first #zancan artwork! So happy to add this piece to my @objktcom collection. #tezos July 15, 2023
Ida Belle 💎🎩🫂@ida
‘The Heat’ by @zancan Minted this stunning piece during NFT Show Europe 2023 🌿 June 6, 2024
finally I got this piece from @zancan
you can't go wrong with ''green'' in your life 💚

The Heat (Ilusiones Arbóreas), July 2023
Under the shade of the tree, one does not fear the heat.#fxhash #tezos #TezosCollector #zancan #objkt #p5js @objktcom — ASOA XXX2.55555  (@astudyofarpeg) November 2, 2023

Bit of luck minting @zancan this weekend. "Tiny House and the Heat" edition of 17 for 'Ilusiones Arbóreas'.link July 17, 2023
It seems ... I just got a big prize!😇
"Tiny House and the Heat" by @zancan in the ILUSIONES ARBÓREAS project. July 14, 2023
Ida Belle@IdaHerself
Had two pieces of 'The Heat' by ser @zancan, so when I saw an offer on Objkt by one of the most awesome people I know in the Tezos community, @StarWesterner, I was more than happy to accept it! Enjoy this stunning masterpiece! ♥️🌿🍃 September 9, 2023
I wanna start my day by saying thank you to @zancan !

It's been a long time since I had such a short and sincere conversation with someone. Thanks for reconnecting and for your advice! I'm looking forward to seeing you again 🖤
Today, this beautiful art print will be in the 🖼️ July 28, 2023
Giannis Sourdis (🦉,🦉)@Greekdx
Tiny House and the Heat by @zancan July 14, 2023