The Heat
Under the shade of the tree, one does not fear the heat.

— Generative art
— Made with Javascript code
— PNG - 3543 x 5000 pixels
— part of the exhibition ""Ilusiones Arbóreas"", NFT Show Europe, Valencia, Spain, July 2023
Editions :224

Printed editions
e.Gift cards12x17cm
Prints and plots
Ethspresso 🚌🔵🎩@ethspresso.eth
The lush greens meets sweltering heat in this powerful piece by Zancan 🔥 These sun rays are masterfully done. The Heat by @zancan #TENDERED March 24, 2024
Ida Belle 💎🎩🫂@ida
‘The Heat’ by @zancan Minted this stunning piece during NFT Show Europe 2023 🌿 June 6, 2024