Kumono Shingou A collection of 100 editions of generative art released as part of "The Tokyo Collection" with Bright Moments, May 2023. The title, given by Qubibi, a fellow Japanese generative artist, means "Cloud Signal" and is taken from a poem by Kenji Miyazawa.

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Kumono Shingou #32 by @zancan
Love the beauty of the untamed sprawling growth of tree leaves and grass in this one. June 12, 2023
"Digital art is like a breath of fresh pixels"

Kumono Shingou #84 by @zancan @brtmoments July 11, 2023
Kumono Shingou #97 by the one and only @zancan 🀌 May 15, 2023
Kumono Shingou means Cloud Signals:

It's a silent whispers stirring emotions, echoing change within. Thx @zancan @brtmoments July 28, 2023
Touch earth. @zancan @0xDecaArt June 12, 2024
zancan 🌿@zancan
live update on the Kumono Shingou #0 plot πŸ€–πŸŒΏ May 16, 2023
A vibrant Shu Kumono Shingou by @zancan. Owned by @_blockbird #generativeart πŸ”΄πŸŽ‹ November 21, 2023
"Kumono Shingou" by @zancan

Favorite mints: #14, #36

Full collection: link May 15, 2023
Bright Moments@brtmoments
gm πŸƒ

Kumono Shingou #58 by @zancan June 28, 2023

Kumono Shingou #52 by @zancan β€” GLIMMER ✨ (@glimmerdao) August 3, 2023

Kumono Shingou #48 by @zancan
Thank you Zancan and @brtmoments for this amazing mint! May 8, 2023
Kumono Shingou #35 by @zancan on @brtmoments May 21, 2023
Time's machine weaves through Tokyo's urban pulse, syncing ancient whispers with the hum of modernity's marchβ€”city's heartbeat, artist's museπŸ’Ž

Kumono Shingou
thx @zancan @brtmoments February 10, 2024
dave bachinsky@davebachinsky
Sunday kickback β˜•οΈ going through the @zancan Kumono Shingou outputs 😍 these turned out amazing

#19 @larswander
#12 @Pronoia10 May 7, 2023
Just received my @brtmoments Tokyo mints by @zancan and @larswander. A shame I couldn't be there in person but I've seen that it's quite the experience!

And HOLY SH*T look at these mints!

Kumono Shingou #66
FULL_SPECTRUM #70 May 9, 2023
Licia He@Licia_He
Kumono Shingou #33
By @zancan

10/12 May 7, 2023
Agapeeudaimonia @agapeeudaimonia
Bookends: A series looking at the first and last public mints in a gen art collection. Today we highlight Kumono Shingou by @zancan Kumono Shingou #0 owned by @zancan Kumono Shingou #99 owned by @brightmoments April 19, 2024
Dalos Dov@Dalos
Every day is GenArt day, amis

Kumono Shingou #65
by @zancan

gm May 23, 2023
Bright Moments Tokyo is happening right now @brtmoments

The collections started to mint yesterday; here are some of my favorite reveals so far:

3. Generative Coded Collections

a) Margaret #0 by @qubibien
b) Kumono Shingou #0 by @zancan

4/7 May 9, 2023