Landscape with Carbon Capture This long-form generative project was sold as an open-edition on the Verse platform. It means that collectors could purchase any number of iterations of the algorithm, which were all visually unique.
11402 items were collected in the span of one week, totaling 1.1M$ in primary sales which helped the funding of 2 NGO in the cultural and environmental fields.

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πŸ„ TrippyCollector.Tez aka Zakky BπŸ„@TrippyCollect0r
Happy FriYAY everyone! Captured some monochrome carbon for the first time. Landscape with Carbon Capture #10510 by @zancan December 1, 2023
🌷a lonliboy🌷@chilltulpa
just minted the first @zancan 1/1 of "Landscape with Carbon Capture" for 100 dollars on @verse_works

what a time to be alive πŸ‘‘ November 25, 2022
MEGA thanks to the great @richerTEZ for selling me this lovely Carbon Capture that I've loved since he minted it. The comet really caught my eye.

These are the early chapters of this incredible @zancan collection that I'm sure will be talked about for years to come. January 26, 2023
πŸ„ TrippyCollector.Tez aka Zakky BπŸ„@TrippyCollect0r
Gm from Landscape with Carbon Capture from @zancan #264 March 26, 2023
I took a page from Zancan's book and only minted Green Landscape with Carbon Capture's. I think he'd be proud. I think this is my fave of the 8 so far.

Landscape with Carbon Capture #3907
By: @zancan November 27, 2022
bigbully πŸ™ƒ@BigbullyE
My "black" @zancan collection. Everything made simple, A Bugged Forest #412 & Landscape with Carbon Capture #11225. Powerful decision to use black for nature December 5, 2022
πŸ„ TrippyCollector.Tez aka Zakky BπŸ„@TrippyCollect0r
Not sure if this has been said before but the pink and yellow @zancan Landscape with Carbon Capture should be called pink lemonades #Zancan #LandscapeWithCarbonCapture #1503 November 25, 2022
gm β˜•οΈ

Landscape with Carbon Capture, 2022 #235 by @zancan

Didn't quite expect to start my Friday with a Zancan 1/1, let alone for $100. What a life! What a generous masterpiece!

#NFTCommunity #NFTs #generativeart #genartclub β€” NΞžβ—ŽMβ—ŽRF ᡍᡐ .tez.eth (@neomorf_xyz) November 25, 2022

Merci Michael @zancan πŸ™πŸΌ November 7, 2023
It's like Sleeping Beauty meets Totoro, I see a flock of Sootsprites making their way through the fence of bushes to uncover the lost castle ^^ April 10, 2024
More beauty added to my collection 😍

LandScape with Carbon Capture #9927 ✨🀌

My love affair with B&W continues πŸ”₯@zancan #genart #generativeart link February 23, 2023
Physical print from @zancan came in today 😌 Super grateful to have my Landscape with Carbon Captured piece exhibited and shipped to me at no charge 🫢 Now I just gotta figure out where I wanna place it πŸ€” June 2, 2023