Lushtemples NYC - The Armory Show 6 physical works exhibited at The Armory Show in New York in September 2022, with Cortesi gallery, and paired with 6 unique NFTs.
Printed examples
Lushtemples NYC #1 by @zancan ❤️ September 23, 2022
The plot is mesmerizing .. but .. we aren’t talking about this? 👀😳🤯 — MARQ528 (🐥,🪱,3’s,🌿) (@MARQ528) August 9, 2022

zancan 🌿@zancan
I've just assembled a making-of video of the "Lushtemples NYC #1" plotter drawing, I hope on time for celebrating the auction !🚀🌿link #plottertwitter September 13, 2022
0xSimonSays (🏆,🏆) / bsimon.eth/tez@0xSimonSays
1) Lushtemples NYC #6 by @zancan. Collecting this in-person was a nerve-wracking experience, and I'm still a bit surprised it worked out. The physical plotter work is even more lovely in person than the digital. December 24, 2022
Bob Loukas 🗽@BobLoukas
Armory art fair in NYC was wild.

Picked up a wonderful 1/1 Lushtemples NYC by @zancan

The physical plotted piece is wild. September 9, 2022
Bob Loukas 🗽@BobLoukas
January 10, 2024
Lushtemples NYC #2 by @zancan owned by @BobLoukas. It's still Tez season and I had to highlight this beauty. One of six stunning 1/1s this generative series and this my favorite. Very happy to see it go to a fellow @GrailersDAO link link September 11, 2022