Lushtemples NYC #5
The ongoing Lushtemples series manifest the intertwined relationship between man and nature through time. Through the language of the programming code, the works endeavour to render a graphic complexity of the vegetation process, whilst reflecting on the ambivalence of the nature<>technology encounter: a tribute to beauty, and at the same time a toxic artificiality.

Coordinated by Cortesi Verso gallery, this exhibition at the Armory Show in New York presents 6 new works from the Lushtemples series, showcasing NFTs 1/1 together with physical drawings, that have been made by a pen-plotter with finishing touches by hand.

4 other works in square format, released as NFTs in 100 editions each, will complete the collection.

The themes are evocations of the city, with references to NYC, monoliths, urban gardens, vertical aspirations, the desire for order, yet with the tendency to chaos. Buildings are treated with the same layout algorithms that govern plant growth. While the representations of nature undergo graphic alterations, just like the aftermaths of human activity, the buildings exhibit organic transformations, highlighting the significance of a mésalliance between man and the natural environment.

The drawings also refer to the incident of a plotter drawing, owned now by a New York based collector, that was accidentally signed in blood. It is a statement about who we are, despite all our efforts with artificiality - still living beings. The red and green color palette with ink splashes speaks of the common trait of all living species, as well as our vital complementarity.
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