"ORGANIC MATR" by Zancan: A Journey Through Art, Technology, and Nature

This NFT token represents the ownership of the physical artwork and can be confirmed via the NFC chip located within the physical work. This GLB file is a 3D scanned image of the unique physical artwork, including the digital Certificate of Authenticity incorporated in the token.

In collaboration with Artmatr and NFT Collective, Zancan uses natural elements such as brushes and charcoal to create essential motifs, highlighting the inherent beauty of nature while exploring the transformative potential of technology. This artwork reimagines artistic expression and offers profound insight into the future of art at the crossroads of technology, tradition, and nature.

Link to Artmatr platform for ToS and expanded CoA assets available to collector:

This token is unique to the physical artwork by the artist Zancan. The subject of the work is digital tool path files created by Zancan and then “MATRed” with Artmatr’s hardware / software translation layer as part of the “ORGANIC MATR” limited series. The work was created at Artmatr in New York, USA in April, 2023.

Medium: charcoal, chalk, ink and acrylic on canvas
© 2023 Michael Zancan. All rights reserved.

Zancan x Artmatr x NFT Collective (2023)
  • SkySun
  • Size90 x 90 cm
  • ColorGrey Green
  • Charcoal PatternRectangles
  • HarvestOne
Unique edition