Sheltered Landscapes Series of generative landscapes born at Rifugio Digitale (Florence, Italy, Sept. 2023), a former air raid shelter from WW2 turned into a digital art exhibition space.

Much like the tradition of long-form generative art, Sheltered Landscapes crafts digital imagery through an algorithm that harnesses randomness, yielding an infinite array of compositions and visuals. What sets this work apart is its unique ability to weave continuous landscapes into series. While each output stands alone, seamlessly flowing from one screen to the next, the result is a harmonious progression of visual storytelling.

Explore the 4 series of Sheltered Landscapes by scrolling through the large compositions below. Find out which screens have been made available to collectors, either as edition video NFTs, 1/1 digital artworks (DAW®) or limited edition prints.

Vanessa Williams@fridgebuzz
I have just collected "Sheltered Landscape - White Series / left / screen 5" by zancan on @objktcom Yeah, I was kind of stunned they weren’t already all gone! I love the animation. There are only 12 of that one. It wasn’t cheap, but it seemed like a pretty special @zancan to me! I love watching it play on full screen over and over. June 11, 2024
Currently on show at Art Basel... in Basel! And up for grabs, edition of 12! Screen 5, a video loop in 4K made with a custom made software by your truly @zancan 🌿 and brought to you by @objktcom 🔥 June 11, 2024
"Sheltered Landscape - Golden series / left / screen 7"

Exhibited in Florence, September 2023. An outstanding series by @zancan . Absolutely amazing ☘️☘️#tezos #nature #generativeart @objktcom December 8, 2023
Giannis Sourdis (🦉,🦉)@Greekdx

Sheltered Landscape 2 - Limited Edition PrintDecember 6, 2023

Sheltered Landscape by @zancan 💚 December 7, 2023
Manfred 🎩 🔵 🐹@manfred
GM from Digital Art Mile in Basel @zancan @qubibi June 11, 2024
Agapeeudaimonia @agapeeudaimonia
my vibe of the day is Sheltered Landscape 1 by @zancan was outside touching grass today and spring is awesome - everything is blooming and the beautiful color variety of spring nature is back - who is better for this vibe than the master of nature NFTs @zancan 💚 💚 💚 April 7, 2024
The Name of Life, Theme from 'Spirited Away' by Joe Hisaishi added to zancan's Sheltered Landscape December 6, 2023