The Lushtemples NYC In September 2022 were presented at the Armory Show in New York a collection of 6 unique plotter drawings called "Lushtemples NYC".
The following works labeled "Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday" where minted live from the event, one for each day of the fair, in a spirit of inclusivity, to allow collectors from around the world to take part in the show.

Each work was released in a 15 editions 20x20cm art print and offered to some of the visitors of the show.

See also The Lushtemples NYC, 6 pen-plotter drawings exhibited at The Armory Show, New York, September 2022, and paired with 6 unique NFTs.

Lushtemples NYC - The Armory Show
Printed examples
Lushtemples NYC - Thursday by @zancan has been added to my vault.

Now just missing Saturday to complete the 4 day set.

💚 October 22, 2023
Very grateful @zancan 🙏 Sad not to be there with you @ArmoryNYC but a dedicated NYer friend came by and met you and picked up this beautiful gift - Lush Temples NYC 😊

Stunning physical works, congratulations!! link September 9, 2022
Danielle King@Rrose_Selavy_11
So thrilled to collect "Lushtemples NYC — Sunday" by the legendary @zancan 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 September 11, 2022
Thanks a ton to @CortesiVerso for this amazing @zancan signed print 💙🙏🏻

Lushtemples NYC - Saturday September 28, 2022
GM !
So lucky to have win one lottery spot of Lushtemples NYC — Saturday by @zancan.
Thanks so much !
The 2 first days I was trying to mint from objkt and the two times it was already over when my Temple wallet window opened...
Thanks @zancan for always doing your best !
🙏🙏🙏 September 11, 2022
conrad (nemocake.tez) (🐥,🪱)@DlSPUTED
gm 🌱🩸

“Lushtemples NYC — Thursday” by @zancan, a personal favorite from the NYC series September 24, 2022
jamiebyrne.eth (wovn_xyz)@jamiebyrne
Finally in the right place at the right time!

Lushtemples NYC — Sunday by @zancan September 11, 2022
GM ☕ Happy Gen Art Friday
Bringing some beautiful greenery to start off the weekend. 🌿🌱🌿
Lushtemples NYC - Sunday & The Heat by @zancan — abnormality ☠️ (@joshripple) February 9, 2024

Thrilled to be the owner of a @zancan Lushtemples NYC NFT live minted from @thearmoryshow plus a signed print! September 10, 2022
Did a thing tonight. Collected first of @zancan corresponding live mint edition at @CortesiVerso

Welcome home beautiful Lushtemples NYC — Thursday#NFT #genart #digitalart #tezosart September 9, 2022
Very poignant to add ‘Lushtemples NYC - Friday’ , my 11th @zancan, in September. You can almost feel the rebirth of the garden overtaking the concrete jungle. September 13, 2022
conrad (nemocake.tez) (🐥,🪱)@DlSPUTED
The joy of adding another Lushtemple 💚🩸

"Lushtemples NYC — Friday" by @zancan September 9, 2022
marygeorgie (💙,🧡)@marygeorgie1
Can't believe how lucky I got today, being able to collect 'Lushtemples NYC — Saturday' by @zancan! Such a stunner!💚 Thank you for being so thoughtful of your collectors and for continuing to make amazing art that is treasured by so many! 🙏💚 September 10, 2022
Lushtemples NYC, Saturday edition, small gift prints signed by @zancan made for the Armory Show NYC 💚

Come meet us at Booth 407! September 10, 2022