Lushtemples NYC — Sunday
Complementary to the 6 pen-plotter drawings and corresponding 1/1 NFT exhibited at the Armory Show 2022 with Cortesi Verso Gallery,
"Lushtemples NYC Sunday is the last of a series of four 100-edition NFTs that will be minted live from the art fair.

— Generative drawing
— Made with Javascript code
— Format PNG 5400 ×5400
— Minted from the Armory Show’s bar in NYC on Sunday September 11th, 2022, laptop on the lap, sipping champagne and a little bit emotional, on that day.
Editions :100

Print status : this work has been printed 18 times.

Printed editions
e.120x20cm e.220x20cm e.320x20cm e.420x20cm e.520x20cm e.620x20cm e.720x20cm e.820x20cm e.920x20cm e.1020x20cm e.1120x20cm e.1220x20cm e.1320x20cm e.1420x20cm e.1520x20cm e.1660x60cm e.1760x60cm e.1860x60cm