The Oak Tree part #+1,+2
— In the spring of 2021, I carried out a set of research for the rendering of vector trees with programming code, with the aim of making plotter drawings.
My work began to focus on tight and immersive framing in order to refine the rendering of the bark — and to pay tribute to a childhood spent hidden in the foliage of oaks. This resulted in a A4 drawing of dense leaves scattered around the slightly off-center mass of a solid trunk.

To my surprise, I found out that the code was actually calculating the entire tree, showing only a small window.

Then began a patient discovery of the hidden parts, computing and drawing one sample after another.
It was only after hundreds of hours of plotting and after all the drawings had been framed and hung that I was able to watch the Oak in its majestic entirety.

Parts coordinates refer to the position relative to the first drawing revealed, which is at #0,0

The Oak Tree part #-1,+3
High resolution PNG 4200 x 5940
Custom javascript code
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