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Clockwise from left: Zancan, Lushtemples — The Stones which Stood, 2021; Garden, Monoliths, 2021; Lushtemples — Ars Ex Naturae Ex, 2021 / Based in France, @zancan is "a former oil painter, longtime programmer, /1 April 13, 2022
Thank you @lerandomart for the sweet package 📦
cc: @zancan January 17, 2024
Happy holidays to one of my favorite genart artist @zancan and thanks @DarekBTW for organizing all these wonderful events in Discord!

🖼️: "Lushtemples — The Lightweight of Balance" — Jeffrey ✶ PixelSushiRobot 💫 (@PixelSushiRobot) December 22, 2023

Gm. “Lushtemples - Through the Blocks” by @zancan 💚🍃 July 18, 2023
sonso.eth (🐥,🪱)@saintsonso
gm // Happy 1 year anniversary of the minting of Lushtemples—The Watchers by @zancan (minted on December 2, 2021 with fellow 1/1's The Former Circle and The Stones which Stood). December 2, 2022
The Lushtemples series by @zancan remains one of my favorite generative art series to pass my feed. A real example of when code and personal lived experience (Zancan’s love for his local nature and interest in painting) make for something sui generis and iconic. February 6, 2024
Pronoia 🫡@Pronoia10
Following the vibe @Vince_Van_Dough
"Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike"
1/1 by @zancan June 18, 2022
Agapeeudaimonia @agapeeudaimonia
my vibe of the day is Lushtemples — The Lightweight of Balance by @zancan as we have a day off in germany today its time to touch some grass and find some balance after some really bad work weeks - have a nice claim day 😀 May 1, 2024
zancan 🌿@zancan
"Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike"
A0 print closeup, Dec 2021 August 16, 2022
Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike by @zancan March 24, 2024
Thrilled to share my interview with @thefunnyguysNFT about doubling down on generative art with the launch of @lerandomart!@zancan @pointline_ @qubibien @ArtOnBlockchain @ciphrd @dmitricherniak @_deafbeef @NeuralBricolage @zachlieberman @csollfrank link March 10, 2023
sonso.eth (🐥,🪱)@saintsonso
I went ahead and did a thing and purchased this @zancan 1/1 from the Lushtemples series entitled The Watchers. I love how organic this piece feels for a gen art piece and how nature appears to be reclaiming man made structures. I love this piece can’t wait to get the print. 🥰 December 10, 2021
Metaversal is pleased the announce the acquisition of @zancan's 1/1 masterpiece, 'Lushtemples - Through the Blocks', led by @balon_art.

About the acquisition 👇🌳🪨🌿🌒 March 22, 2023
Le Random@lerandomart
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Aristid Lindenmayer's L-System (1968)
⬇️⬇️⬇️@zancan's Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike (2021) September 13, 2023
I've been slowly adding FXhash and other tezos pieces lately, but today I really stepped up adding this SICK @zancan 1 of 1!! Welcome home Lushtemples — Milestones of Elation September 11, 2022
Happy first day of Spring No better time for art by @zancan This is The Watchers from the Lushtemples series of 1/1s. March 19, 2024
Thanks @lerandomart for the @zancan print and gift 🎁🙌 January 15, 2024
Lushtemples—The Stones which Stood by @zancan.

I think it was first generative art written in javascript replicating nature, which blown my mind then. I really like the combination of rocks and trees generated in this particular art piece. It really gives a feeling of nature. February 3, 2024
sonso.eth (🐥,🪱)@saintsonso
.@lerandomart has collected some beautiful art. This is a stunning piece that reflects @zancan’s love and deep admiration for the natural world fully expressed through code. link August 8, 2023