Sunflowers still "Sunflowers-Still"
If pain can become a habit, injustice stays a torment.

Earlier this year, while making the "Sunflowers" piece for the #PEACE4UKRAINE fundraising on, I also generated this smaller output, from the same algorithm. I chose to release it as it, to state that months have passed, nothing about pain or injustice has changed for people of Ukraine.
An image is not much; just my small way to give back for the bravery that they show us every day.

This NFT in 315+1 editions was sent to 105 wallets of Ukrainian artists and collectors, free for them to sell, hold dear, gift ... !
Generative art, made with Javascript code
JPG 5000x5000 pixels
Editions :316

Print status : this work has been printed 3 times.

Printed editions
e.160x60cm e.260x60cm e.340x40cm
Prints and plots
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