Lushtemples — Ars Ex Naturae
In antiquity, the column engraved with furrows represented the trunk of the tree, a homage to nature built to transcend the ephemeral of the living and an attempt to bind to the eternity of the things of the spirit.

The "Lushtemples" is a series of generative designs that attempt to capture the graphic density of the nature untamed ; the works remain aware of the un-natural process of re-creating nature with code, introducing some notes of artificiality and hints of the underlying technique, such as 3D meshes or destructive digital glitches.

— Generative drawing
— Made with Javascript code
— Format PNG
— Resolution 4200x5940
Editions :1000

Print status : this work has been printed 20 times.

Printed editions
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Asha 🎩@asha
Gm gm! Beautiful day to touch some grass, which is what I wish you all ☀️ 🌿 Lushtemples - Ars Ex Naturae by @zancan to best illustrate my mood 😍 April 7, 2024