Lushtemples — Heart Shaped
The algorithm had to run a hundred times to come up with a well-organized, symbolic number of 12 monoliths.
But the Heart Shape, it emerged as an utterly meaningful gift from chance.

The Lushtemples started as a series of generative designs that attempted to capture the graphic harmony and density of the nature untamed.
But before that, early this year, it started from nothing. A painter that hadn't touched a brush for 6 years, a man who was touching the bottom in his life for reasons he couldn't control, and who ultimately tried to rebuild himself through the only way left that he could think of : Art.
Twelve monoliths are the milestones of those months devoted to building a body of artworks from scratch, to building a community from noone.
Twelve monoliths emerge from the grass, for the grass was the simplistic algorithm of the beginnings.
What a year it's been for generative art ! The digital distortion pattern is there to emphasize that.

Heart Shape is there to celebrate this life-changing year 2021 and to tell you how much I owe you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Lushtemples — Heart Shaped
— Generative drawing
— Made with original Javascript code
— Format JPG
— Resolution 6300x8910
Editions :2021

Print status : this work has been printed 11 times.

Printed editions
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