FxHash (kinder)Garden, Monuments A collaboration between Brunei-based generative artist Yazid and zancan, this collection of 309 unique outputs brings one back to kindergarten memories of playing with building blocks while making one with nature.

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See also, "Draw", an experimental project that was minted from an alternate account. It questioned the intertwining of market value, artist's signature, speculation of utility and artistic performance.

FxHash "Draw"
Printed examples
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πŸ–ΌοΈ (kinder)Garden, Monuments #272

β€πŸŽ¨ Generative Art by Yazid, zancan
πŸ’° Sold for 5000.0 $XTZ ($7,750.00 USD) on the @fx_hash_ marketplace

πŸ”— link #fxhash #cleanNFT #generativeart July 27, 2022
(kinder)Garden, Monuments #177 by @Yazid @zancan
released on @fx_hash_

Fun and beautiful piece filled with a variety of ideas.

It doesn't have bizarre, eye-tiring color combinations like other art I have, so my wife allows me to display it in a living roomπŸ˜‚#TENDERED 2/14 link February 4, 2024
Welcome (kinder)Garden, Monuments #272 to the collection, sits perfectly alongside Garden, Monoliths #74! Amazing work @Yazid @zancan April 16, 2022
zancan 🌿@zancan
Never give up πŸ‘Š
"(kinder)Garden, Monuments #189" plotter drawing for @black17cryp #plottertwitter May 31, 2022
L.A.U. - gralis.tez/eth@moontanteth
(kinder)Garden, Monuments #292 by @zancan @Yazid

The favorite art of my collection February 25, 2023
Sheepship |@realsheepship
And let's not forget (kinder)Garden, Monuments #281, The walled garden. A collab combining @Yazid hatched signature with @zancan chaotic tenacity of plants, pushing through optimistic gaps in the ground. Like a playground reclaimed by nature. #fxhash August 30, 2022
The Generative Art Museum@tgamxyz
Shoutout to @Pronoia10 for helping curating @zancan pieces for "Issue #05: World Wide Art". Grateful!

πŸ–Ό "(kinder)Garden, Monuments #208"
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Artist: @zancan & @Yazid
🏒 Issue #05: World Wide Art / Brochure
πŸ‘€ Owner: @Pronoia10 January 6, 2023
Didi πŸ‹@lemonde2d
(kinder)Garden, Monuments #111 by @Yazid & @zancan June 16, 2023
zancan 🌿@zancan
"(kinder)Garden, Monuments #258"
[...or an handcrafted interpretation of it using Pentel Hybrid Milky pen with white pigments ink, Rotring pens (0.3,0.2mm) with black China ink on pink paper 300g, Axidraw SE/A1 pen plotter + custom driver software. ]#plottertwitter May 21, 2022
bayamese (he/him)@bayamese
test plot on just black inkjoy papermate gel pen because my lizard brain cannot figure out how to layer it for colors and i must figure it out bc I want it in color… anyways (kinder)Garden, Monuments #272 formerly owned by my friend @RockyRiverTez May 3, 2022
(kinder)Garden, Monuments FXHash collaboration by @zancan and @yazid This FXHash collaboration artwork marks a point of no return for me. I still remember talking about it in my studio with @spirouzi, trying to understand the work, on top of the very beautiful caption which captured me to the point of me being teary. April 9, 2024
zancan 🌿@zancan
I made a plot today. It feels good to do something tangible !
"(kinder) Garden, Monuments #275" link @ciphrd if you want to claim it in my print store, it's all yours πŸ€—#plottertwitter July 30, 2022
Bad Daddy@BadDaddyNFT
Ever since buying kGM #30 I knew I would get a print, it was really only a matter of when. With the market cooling and less things distracting my pockets, it felt like the right time... and WOW, I could not be more pleased! Thank you @zancan πŸ«‚

A short thread of appreciation.. March 12, 2023
gleb kanaev@grotcki
great my own
(kinder)Garden, Monuments #212πŸ€πŸ–€
by @zancan & @Yazid #generativeart February 5, 2023
zancan 🌿@zancan
Fresh from the print shop, with the first Charcoal Seeds on paper ! 🌿
"Charcoal Seeds #12" for @CCDDBB
"Charcoal Seeds #300" for @Dalos
"Skyscraper" gift to a friend by @Kyloren_NFT
"(kinder)Garden, Monuments #303" for @tyrexeth
🌞 April 20, 2023

(kinder)Garden, Monuments #10

Created by @zancan

Collected by @pabloAlpe_ February 4, 2024
Bad Daddy@BadDaddyNFT
I just got it back from the framer and hung it outside my daughter's room, where she noted she could ""look at it every day when I leave or go to sleep, or go take a bath, or get up in the middle of the night and have to go pee pee or poo poo" March 12, 2023
Finally done @andreasrau_eu ! Thanks! I especially love how that yellow pops in the Elevation print. My first "art project" of 2024 was to learn how to make proper bevelled mats for these. (Also, next to the Loom, our beloved black kgm is always on the Frame @zancan / @Yazid). β€” Spartree 〴 (@spartree_) January 19, 2024

My (kinder)Garden, Monuments by @zancan & @yazid in the living room ✨ March 6, 2024
Agapeeudaimonia @agapeeudaimonia
Day 50 of #TENDERED (kinder)Garden, Monuments #210 by @zancan & @yazid β€žThis project is dedicated to kids, those who were once children, to the dreamers and builders who still enjoy playing with cubes.β€œ March 23, 2024