(kinder)Garden, Monuments #1
When Yazid and Zancan started their fxcollab journey, they knew very little about each other. They learnt about their rich cultural differences, their complementary graphic styles, and a 7-hour timezone difference. What they did have in common was each had two kids about the same age (one a pair of girls, the other boys).

Every kid was born a builder; every kid likes to sit in nature. It’s their way of discovering the world and dreaming of their future accomplishments. While they marvel at the heights of the cities and monuments they construct out of stacks of cubes, parents marvel at their ability to elaborate an unlimited range of worlds out of a limited range of materials.

This project celebrates the humble and versatile cube. A deceptively simple yet powerful object of play and learning, regardless of age, whether you’re stacking them up in a sandbox, or learning 3D graphics for the first time.

This project is dedicated to kids, those who were once children, to the dreamers and builders who still enjoy playing with cubes.

Coded in Vanilla JS, the project combines Yazid's iconic “Hashed/Hatched” aesthetic incorporated into childhood wooden toy block structures, and Zancan's signature lush foliage and framework, which enables all iterations to be plottable.
  • FormatPortrait A4
  • PaperBlueprint
  • FragmentsSingle
  • Sky patternChevron
  • CropNone
  • Main planRound
Unique edition