Selected works For these works have been made exclusively using programming code and mathematic formulas, they belong to a genre known as Generative Art, although the focus is made on figuration rather than mathematical abstraction. The resulting images try to convey a sense of the overwhelming density as well as a visual harmony that is found in the natural world. By using techniques inherited from a former practice as a painter in oils, such as colors, composition and visual symbolism, they are observers or critics of the timeless relationship between humanity and the natural world, addressing topics such as environment, society or the impact of technology on modern artistic practices. The following works have been released as NFTs on the blockchains Tezos and Ethereum, and are grouped by the platforms they were first distributed on.
Bright Moments Finale The Bright Moments project spanned 3 years and travelled 9 major cities across the world. For the Finale in Venice, 60 generative artists brought their contribution to a one-of-a-kind celebration project.
Aux Arbres Experience a creative, collective effort to build a forest out of the largest generative art collection ever recorded on the blockchain. Each piece is unique; each one belongs to a larger whole.
Decal by Zancan An interpretation of the Decal by Zancan. A symbol of permissionless creativity. Series Thirty.
Sheltered Landscapes Series of generative landscapes born at Rifugio Digitale (Florence, Italy, Sept. 2023), a former air raid shelter from WW2 turned into a digital art exhibition space.
Ilusiones Arbóreas
Kumono Shingou A collection of 100 editions of generative art released as part of "The Tokyo Collection" with Bright Moments, May 2023. The title, given by Qubibi, a fellow Japanese generative artist, means "Cloud Signal" and is taken from a poem by Kenji Miyazawa.
fx(hash) "Charcoal Seeds" Series of 500 unique artworks on the Tezos blockchain, that used the principle of co-creation. By allowing collectors to set up a number of parameters before minting their piece, the algorithm produced images that aligned with their collectors' preferences and appreciation and to some extend, their creativity.
ORGANIC MATR A collaborative project with NFT Collective and Artmatr, ORGANIC MATR explores the digital to physical transformation of algorithmic code. Zancan uses Artmatr’s proprietary translation layer to “MATR” his digital art into unique physical paintings.
Landscape with Carbon Capture This long-form generative project was sold as an open-edition on the Verse platform. It means that collectors could purchase any number of iterations of the algorithm, which were all visually unique.
11402 items were collected in the span of one week, totaling 1.1M$ in primary sales which helped the funding of 2 NGO in the cultural and environmental fields. PeopleOfTezos
ETH Garden Series of 1/1s minted on a personal smart contract on Ethereum blockchain
Lushtemples NYC - The Armory Show 6 physical works exhibited at The Armory Show in New York in September 2022, with Cortesi gallery, and paired with 6 unique NFTs.
PROOF Grails 2
A Bugged Forest This long-form generative project on the fx(hash) platform took advantage of a programming bug to embrace the creative outcome one can find by releasing control. The 1000 trees proudly exist each with their unique character and their flaws. The project was released from the deep of the metal festival Hellfest, a hot, earthbound, hostile to some, friendly to others location, which adds a deeper meaning to the idea of embracing the uniqueness of the individuals ( even the freaks), of releasing control through art, or that of collective suffering in the face of climate change.
Rapture Captured
FxHash (kinder)Garden, Monuments A collaboration between Brunei-based generative artist Yazid and zancan, this collection of 309 unique outputs brings one back to kindergarten memories of playing with building blocks while making one with nature.
8BIDOU 8Bidou is a platform for pixel art that is stored immutably on the blockchain as 8x8 pixel data. This generative art series was created with an algorithm that computed the arrangement of pixels, but also randomly chose the tokens' name, the number of editions and the price they were sold for.
Versum Versum is a platform on Tezos that was active between 2021 and 2023. I minted there a collection of 10 works with consistent formats and aesthetics, around themes related to environment, society and humanitarian relief.
fx(hash) "Garden, Monoliths" Long-form generative project in 255 unique editions. "Garden, Monoliths" has been among the most impactful projects on the fx(hash) platform, and the one with biggest volume, totaling about 1.2 M tezos in secondary sales.
Monoliths #000
The Lushtemples
The Lushtemples NYC In September 2022 were presented at the Armory Show in New York a collection of 6 unique plotter drawings called "Lushtemples NYC".
The following works labeled "Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday" where minted live from the event, one for each day of the fair, in a spirit of inclusivity, to allow collectors from around the world to take part in the show.
Ignis Et Sanguis
Stills From Last Night
The 1/1 Lushtemples
Lushtemples -Genesis The Lushtemples series started on Hic et Nunc in October 2021, with a series of monochrome-themed generative artworks with a old-world look.
Teia / Hic Et Nunc Hic Et Nunc was a NFT platform on Tezos that opened in March 2021 and shut down in November on the same year. It was the birthplace of a outstanding movement were creativity exploded while human values prevailed. It was also a demonstration of the power of decentralization, as all the art there continued to live on after the platform ended.
Foundation - The Oak Tree My genesis NFT piece what a 18-part artwork representing a tree.
This piece was born as a series of physical plotter drawings, which are framed and hanged in my studio. Each of the drawings required between 4 and 11 hours of pen-plotting work.