Rapture Captured
Printed examples
I bought this beautiful Rapture Captured @zancan curated by @tylerxhobbs through @verse_works for the first time. I just wonder if there is a way to exhibit it in my @zancan gallery @0xDecaArt as crypto wallet is not used for the purchase on the platform.link — cryptolibertarian🌓老荘禅🪷 (@generative_maxi) June 25, 2022

Mimi Nguyen@miminguyenmimi

Connect your @verse_works account to order a signed print of @zancan July 11, 2023
@zancan Rapture Captured, #47 - thanks to @tylerxhobbs and @verse_works for putting this awesome mint together! — jollygreenzz 🔮 (@jollygreenzz) June 24, 2022

zancan 🌿@zancan
"Rapture Captured"@benoit_cary and I printed the editions we own in A1 size. The pure yellow over this muted background shines like gold leaf 🌿🌟💫✨ link
I still have to figure out a way for owners to order a print through my store but it's ETH🤔 July 12, 2022
Jak | jakvault.eth/.tez@jak_vault
I treasure my @zancan pieces on Tezos, even if I was never very lucky grabbing the fxhash or low edition ones.

Excited to see him as a @proof_xyz GRAILS artist.

Inspired me to pull the trigger on an ETH piece

"Rapture Captured" by @zancan link August 26, 2022
Cory Haber@Cory_Haber
I've been a @zancan fan for a long long time but mostly did not have an opportunity to collect. I recently acquired these two pieces. So incredibly beautiful. Looking forward to accessing the Zancan print shop. 💚💛💚💛#generativeart July 22, 2022
Tyler Hobbs@tylerxhobbs
It was wonderful to learn more about @zancan and how he thinks about his work, he’s able to create a fascinating connection between seemingly different worldslink June 27, 2022
Akira 💯🦩@AkiraReloaded
We did a little @verse_works @zancan buy today.
Rapture Captured July 16, 2022