Self-portrait, part of the People of Tezos collection that highlights artists and figures in the Tezos NFT space.

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A former oil painter and long-time programmer, zancan is arguably the most successful NFT artist in Tezos history. His generative works gained popularity for their uniquely themed lush plants and trees entirely generated by programming code.

In October 7th, 2021, he began the "Lushtemples" series on Hic Et Nunc, which sold out in seconds. His genesis piece was on Eth ( " The Oak Tree " on Foundation, one week earlier) although there are records of a piece that he minted on Hic Et Nunc back in April 2021, then burned it.

On December 9th, 2021, zancan’s iconic project on fx(hash), entitled "Garden, Monoliths", signaled the start of the generative art boom on Tezos. The collection sold out in minutes and became an instant grail.

His other fx(hash) collections include "(kinder)Garden, Monuments" and "A Bugged Forest".

zancan kept releasing art on Objkt, Versum, 8bidou, Teia, always on Fridays, while developing a fun, obsessive habit of collecting only green-themed generative artworks.

More recently, after a year of releasing art on the Tezos blockchain exclusively, his open edition generative project "Landscape with Carbon Capture" on Verse platform made the headlines by selling 11402 editions, raising funds for environmental causes and spreading the power of generative art to a larger audience on the Ethereum blockchain.

A hard-worker and innovator, zancan is also known for crafting physical artworks, including prints and pen-plotter drawings which are available through his home-made store where one can pay in tez.
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