ETH Garden Series of 1/1s minted on a personal smart contract on Ethereum blockchain
Printed examples
Kate Vass Galerie@KateVassGalerie
4/ Featured at our Node to Node show, @zancan’s "Post-Garden Pop Drama" integrates personal symbols. The grid symbolizes digital space, intertwining with figurative & abstract elements. This piece mirrors the artist's journey & the broader digital art realm. November 7, 2023
Particle Collection@Collectparticle

Post-Garden Pop Drama

Created by @zancan September 11, 2023
Ryan Koopmans@ryankoopmans
Gm from Miami!🌴

Pleasure chatting with the great @zancan at the opening of @nftnow Gateway. November 30, 2022
Congrats to @punk6529 @6529capital on this amazing 1 of 1

Landscape with Carbon Offset by @zancan November 29, 2022
Gm everyone🫡

“The (re)Birth of Venus”
by @zancan June 4, 2023
Post-Garden Pop Drama by @zancan
Amazing generative art !! I was excited to see Zancan's work. His work was one of the first things I saw when I was learning about generative art. September 16, 2023
Exciting news! Our fund has just announced the acquisition of our very first artwork by renowned generative artist @zancan, titled "Lushtemples - The Gateway". December 24, 2022
Kylo (🖼,🦍) ALFA MINT LIVE!@Kyloren_NFT
I've run out of superlatives while trying to describe what @zancan's work makes me feel but the words "magnificent" comes to mind at this moment.

grateful to be able to own a part of this work as part of the @ALFADAF art fund along with 53 other collectors (so far!) (1/2) link March 8, 2023
zancan 🌿@zancan
Did you notice that fish scales pattern that trick the eye and the camera ? So interesting October 5, 2023
8/ "Post-Garden Pop Drama" builds upon the themes of "The Gateway," reflecting recent personal and historical events.

It reflects a world grappling with the bear market, armed conflicts, and climate crises, yet offers a space of escape, hope, and connection through digital art. link December 6, 2023
zancan 🌿@zancan
Two 300 dpi bombs from the print workshop today, “Post-Garden Pop Drama” (will be on view in Paris next week) ( went straight to the framer) and a dazzling 1m x 1m “Skyscraper” shipping to US. October 5, 2023
Pronoia 🫡@Pronoia10
Wow. @zancan at @ChristiesInc Miami December 3, 2023
zancan 🌿@zancan
The exhibition is a reboot of the one held at @UNESCO in November where was launched "Landscape with Carbon Capture" OE.
This time we've printed the 1/1 owned by @ACthecollector /@punk6529 as well as 7 "Carbon Capture", each curated by the top-collectors of that collection.
👇 April 23, 2023
nft now@nftnow
We had the honor of showcasing incredible art at The Gateway: Korea with @FACTBLOCK at @kbwofficial 🖼️

Check out some of the pieces! 🧵

🎨: @DrifterShoots @ClaireSilver12 @allseeingseneca @zancan September 12, 2023
Kylo (🖼,🦍) ALFA MINT LIVE!@Kyloren_NFT
Surprised noone else bid on this, but i guess it was meant to be on the one year anniversary of the GM mint. The iconic symbol of digital art renaissance, the Venus by @zancan is mine. Love, beauty, desire, victory. 👑 December 9, 2022
🎨 What's your favorite @zancan artwork? 🌿

Here's ours: "Lushtemples - The Gateway," premiered at last year's Gateway Miami! #Art November 28, 2023
close ups of @zancan work titled ‘broken things, still working, hardly functional’

auction dec 5-12 @ChristiesInc December 4, 2023