Lushtemples — The Gateway

The Lushtemples series aims to capture an aesthetic of nature through mathematical equations and programming code. Using symbolic elements, it addresses some current social and ecological concerns and depicts the tenuous relationship of civilizations with the natural world.

Loaded with elements of personal symbolism related to the evolution of art on the blockchain, The Gateway takes the viewer through various portals, in a descending motion into an abundant garden suggesting that our race towards digital self-abstraction should be counterbalanced by a revived appreciation of the living (the composition purposely resemble a Horn of Plenty).

Against a pink background, a somewhat iconic scheme in my body of work, the bluish splatters are #C0FFEE stains, a digital transposition of an incident well known to traditional artists, and a nod to the drink that helped me through the sleepless nights of my own artistic transition.

Generative drawing, made with Javascript code

"The Gateway" was exhibited during Miami Art Week in December 2022 at the Dupont Building during "The Gateway" event, organized by NFT Now, and sold as a NFT by the auction house Christie's.
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