Moving Towers to Catch a Sunset in New York
Through a collaborative mini-series of 4 works, zancan x Aleksandra Art celebrate the history of a singular art woven with stories, animated by such particular energy, and anchored in a spirit of sharing, mutual aid and friendships.

In many cultures, the natural world has been associated with feminine qualities such as nurturing, fertility, and creativity. The idea of nature being a feminine force is a common theme in art, literature, and mythology. All the elements and the incorporation of technology create a sense of hybridity between the natural and the artificial, suggesting a new kind of relationship between humans, nature, and technology. The overall effect is a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere that invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

Following the principle of his work "The (re)Birth of Venus", Zancan fed his algorithms with Aleksandra’s silhouette. Through code, “Moving Towers to Catch a Sunset in New York” generates abstract or organic patterns that mimic the shapes and forms found in nature. The central focus of the work is an abstract shape of a woman with raised hands that creates a sense of oneness between the feminine form and the environment, highlighting the interconnectedness of all living things. The gradients and blooming flowers add a luminous quality to the piece, suggesting a radiant and powerful energy emanating from the feminine figure, a life-giving force reminiscent of nature itself.

- Season 1/4 : Autumn
- Generative art
- Made with Javascript code + silhouette as JPEG
- Format JPEG 4000x5640 pixels + HD PNG 13000 × 18330 pixels for owner
Unique edition

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