Monoliths #000
An hour after receiving the Axidraw A1 from Evil Mad Scientist and the various parts were assembled,
Monoliths #000 was in the works, and it remained so for 3 days (with pauses, not many ). There had been no trial or test.
It was my first plotter work at this scale, a genesis piece of sorts, and for that reason I wanted to give it a treatment similar to the Oak Tree : cut it in small pieces and distribute it as NFTs+physical.
This is when the idea of using fx_hash started to grow, and obsessed me for days.
It appeared that it wasn't technically possible to distribute a finite ensemble of exclusive items across minters.
This is the only thing that saved Monoliths #000 from becoming a decentralized physical drawing.
But the seed was planted, and that seed would be Monoliths #000. Its exact algorithm and variables setup serve as a basis for all the "Monoliths" in "Garden, Monoliths". A common ancestor.

This NFT is bound to the physical drawing :

- Pen plotter drawing made from original generative design coded in Javascript
- Watercolor Sheet 300g/m², 56 x 76 cm, 100% cotton, Cylinder mould, Hot Pressed Natural white, 4 Deckle edges, Watermark, from Arches (France)
- Plotted with Axidraw SE/A1 using Rotring Isographs / 1.0, 0.5, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1 mm.
- Inks : Rotring China Black, Rohrer & Klingner Sketch Lilly, Platinum Citrus Black, Robert Oster Signature Lemon Grass, and Faber Castell May Green
- Plotting time : about 50 hours.

There are visible artefacts on the physical drawing :
- little cross with pencil showing the start zero to synchronise the various layer runs
- two straight lines with ink on the left part, as the result of a relief on the paper and a too low "pen high" position, very early in the process. I decided to keep it.
- signed in pencil at the bottom right
- title, year, and 1/1

The NFT image is not a photograph of the physical drawing, but it is made directly from the exact source file that was used to control the pen plotter.
Format : PNG
Resolution :3684x5000
Unique edition

Print status : this work has been plotted 1 time.

Printed editions
plot e.1/156x76cm
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