Post-Garden Pop Drama
Generative drawing, made with Javascript code

Released in November 2022, the digital artwork "Luhstemples — the Gateway" portrayed, through a sequence of circular portals, my journey within the realm of crypto-art. Designed as a timeline starting from the origins of blockchain and extending to the present moment, it unfolded into a lush landscape, symbolic of hope, the revitalization of art, and the quest for harmony with the living world.
One year later, "Post-Garden Pop Drama" takes up the composition and narrative logic of "The Gateway," while reconstructing it in light of recent personal or historical developments. As the "bear market" continues to cast a negative atmosphere, as armed conflicts persist and raise concerns, and as climate crises intensify, it appears more challenging to find the path towards a harmonious ideal, a peaceful, joyful, creative, and shared utopia. Nevertheless, I continue to employ digital art as an escape, a source of hope, a space for connections and freedoms. A realm of joy and colors. Despite its intensity, this universe liberates us somewhat from the gravity of the world.

This piece, as is customary for me, is laden with personal symbolism, often abstract. Mingled with the figurative composition, the myriad of small squares serve as nods to certain of my works or to lived moments from my journey as a digital artist. The grid construction, symbolizing digital space, intertwines with perspective to the point where distinguishing foreground from background becomes difficult, or whether one is faced with a figurative or abstract work. Yet, this interweaving suggests a balance, that of the "whole" to which I belong and which is a part of me.

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